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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congrats Bruins

As much as it kills me to say, the Boston Bruins are the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. I'm not a Canuck fan but I was rooting for them because I hate the Bruins and I hate seeing Boston teams win. Big congrats to Timmy Thomas, Mark Rechhi and ex Sabre Dan Paille. Besides those guys and maybe a couple others, I have no respect for anyone else on that team. You think they would kill the mics during the cup celebration because all I heard was F***** Rights and Charas barbarian yell. Whatever though. Sabres are coming for the cup next year so watch out. Sorry Canada.

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  1. I'm happy for Thomas, Bergeron, Paillé, Peverley and Lucic, but have no respect for their other guys.

    Goons like Chara, Ferrence, Campbell, Thornton, and Marchand don't deserve Cups.

    And I'm particularly upset about Ryder (a terrible team player for Montréal) and Recchi, who asked to be traded away from the Habs after costing two coaches their jobs in a short time span.

  2. Yeah. I mean I'm sure they are all real nice guys in person, but as hockey players, no respect.