Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daniel Briere TTM

Received 8/27/11
Great success from one of my favorite players. Even though he is an ex Sabre, I still have a ton of respect for the guy. He is a great player and I'm glad some of his best years have been in Buffalo. We haven't really been able to replace him yet but hopefully guys like Tyler Ennis and Nathan Gerbe, we can get another pure goal scorer. Danny signed my 8x10 in about 5 months through the Philadelphia Flyers. Nice of him to personalize it too!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Johan Franzen TTM

Received 8/26/11
Sweet! A success from one of my favorite players for the Red Wings! I had the chance to meet him in person and he's one of the nicest players I've ever meet. Unlike last time, he signed it "To Ryan" instead of "To Marko" but I'm not complaining. Franzen singed the 4x6 in abut 2 months through his home.
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Thomas Vanek TTM

Received 8/26/11
This is great because I'm trying to get all the current Sabres to sign a 4x6 so this helps a lot. I think Vanek is going to have a great year this year. A lot of pressure is off him with the signing of Leino and with Roy coming back into the lineup. Vanek singed the 4x6 through his house in Buffalo in like 4 months but it came back from St. Paul. Cool I got it on the 26th of August!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keith Yandle TTM

Recieved 8/19/11
Great success from an NHL All Star. This is my second success from him and this time he used a sharpie which is nice. It took about 1 and a half months through his home. loks like the streak came to an end today. Almost a perfect 6 for 6!
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Guy Lafluer TTM

Received 8/19/11
Wow! What a sick photo and a sick success. Guy signed this 8x10 beautifully writing best wishes. It took about 3 weeks through his house.
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Simon Gagne TTM

Received 8/1911
The streak continues baby! Simon signed this 4x6 through his agent.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

RJ Umberger TTM

Received 8/18/11
And the streak continues! This is now my fourth success in a row so it looks like my last past didn't jinx me! My 4x6 kinda got beat up in the mail a little but it still turned out nice. It's good to see the RJ singed in silver, it would have been tough to see if he had signed in black or blue. The picture was sent to his house.
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2011 Buffalo Bills Training Camp

Today I was at Saint John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY to see some football and perhaps get some autographs. It was a lot tougher to get autographs then in years past. I'm not really a football collector so I didn't get most of the players who were signing that day. There were a few faces I recognized and the two guys I knew were TE David Nelson and S Bryan Scott. The player who I did get to sign my seat cushion was starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. It was kinda funny because I was really high up so we had to kinda throw it to each other in order to get it sign so I guess I can say I caught a pass from Fitzy and I defiantly scored! Shawne Merriman and Chris Kelsay were in an autograph tent signing but they blocked it off before I could get in line. The cushion looks real nice aging up in my room next to all my other Bills stuff so it was defiantly a success. Sorry for the crappy photo, I had to use my phone.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marc Staal TTM

Received 8/17/11
Wow I'll probably jinx myself for tomorrow but I'm 3 for 3 so far this week (actually 4 for 3 but whatever). Great success from one of the Staal brothers too. Marc had a great year in 2010 for the Rangers too making it to the NHL All Star game and playing with his brother Eric. Marc signed my 4x6 in a little over a month through his parents house.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lindy Ruff TTM

Recieved 8/16/11
Wow! I have been sending out a few of these 5x7's of cool Buffalo Sabres pictures and this one is half completed. The current Sabres head coach signed this in about 1 or 2 weeks through his house. Guess where it's going too next!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Scotty Bowman TTM

Received 8/15/11
Even though I have meet him several times this is my first autograph I have of him. The legendary coach signed my 4x6 nicely in blue sharpie and it only took a little less than 1 week and was sent to his home. Good to see that he still lives in Buffalo too.
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Dave Andreychuk TTM

Received 8/15/11
Andreychuk is one of my favorite players to ever lace 'em up for the Buffalo Sabres. I got to meet him in person when he won the cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He brought the cup to Elmo's Bar and Grill were my uncle works. I got to talk to him and got my picture taken with him and Stanley. They also put chicken wings and blue cheese in the cup which as pretty cool. Anyway, this is my second success from Dave and took about 1 week. The 4x6 looks awesome in the blue sharpie he signed it with. The picture was sent to his home in Florida.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

John LeClair TTM

Received 8/12/11
WOW! Bout time! This was defiantly my longest TTM drought ever. I haven't gotten anything in the mail since June. Hopefully it keeps on coming! I've been sending out a lot of 4x6's and some 5x7's lately o hopefully they will be coming back soon! This is no my first success from LeClair, I've gotten two cards signed by him and they didn't take long at all, this one was not much different at all. It must have took about 5 or 6 days so he must sign his mail the day he gets it (which I think is the smartest thing to do). It looks real nice in the blue sharpie he signed with too. Thanks for hanging in there guys and hopefully the mail keeps on coming!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I apologize for the lack of posts because I have had nothing to post. I've only had one ttm return so far this summer which was from Mike Grier. I have been sending stuff out so hopefully it will come back soon! Thanks guys for all the support and the second I get something back i will make sure to post it.