Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have been sending out TTM's for about 1 year know and easily have over 100 autographs through the mail. Here is a list of my 10 favorite TTM Autographs.

10) Jordan Staal- c/o Pittsburgh Penguins 2/2
One of my favorite returns from a current NHL player and one of the fastest. He signed a Winter Classic card and it is defiantly one of the coolest cards ever!

9) Joe Thornton- c/o Home 2/2
One of my all time favorite players in the game today signs 1 card and personalizes an 8x10 in under a month. This has to be one of my best returns ever!

8) Dave Andreychuk- c/o Home 2/2
2 cards from a Buffalo Sabres legend. Back in 04, Dave brought Lord Stanley to a bar in Buffalo where my uncle works. I was really young and he let me get a picture with him and the cup. Ever since then I have been a really big Andreychuk fan. This was defiantly one of my favorite successes.

7) Chris Pronger- c/o Home 2/2
One of the fastest returns I have ever gotten from a current NHL player and even NHL All-Star. 5 days for a 4x6 and 1 card.

6) Bobby Clarke- c/o Philadelphia Flyers 2/2
Not a very popular person if you are a Sabres fan, but it he is still a NHL Hall of Famer. He signed one of my cards perfectly.

5) Cam Neely- c/o Boston Bruins 2/2
One of my favorite returns of all time. Awesome success from a player in the HOF. I also liked him in one of the funniest movies of all time, Dumb and Dumber, as the role of Sea Bass.

4) Bobby Hull- c/o Chicago Blackhawks 2/2
One of my favorite players of all time. A NHL Hall of Famer who signed my card and 4x6 beautifully in blue sharpie.

3) Ted Lindsay- c/o Home 1/1
One of my first returns is one of my favorite returns. He signed the card beautifully in thin blue sharpie.

2) Steven Stamkos- c/o Tampa Bay Lightning 1/1
I have to say I got lucky on this one. I have never seen a success from him through the Lightning. One of the best players in the game today. It took all last season but it was definitely worth the wait.

1) Jean Beliveau- c/o Montreal Canadians 2/2
Perhaps my favorite player of all time, I get a personalized 8x10 and a signed card in couple of weeks! Thats why it's number 1!


My name is Ryan and I'm from Buffalo, New York. Collecting hockey autographs is a hobby and a passion of mine. I send out out a lot of cards through the mail (TTM) and I also get the chance to go to a lot of signings and practice hounding's. The Sabres are my team and I mainly collect hockey autographs. I some football and Buffalo Bills autographs but that's really it. I'm willing to help anyone out with addresses but you have to e-mail me at