Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffalo Sabres 2011 Entry Draft Party

Today I went to the Sabres draft party with my family at HSBC Arena to watch the draft on the jumbotron. I did not know there were going to be players there signing autographs until I get there so I did not bring anything. When I got there and found out, I quickly ran to the sabres Store and bought a couple of pucks not knowing who was signing. Luckily, they had a 50% off deal so I got these pucks cheap. I got there just in time and waited in line for not to long. There were two tables featuring 4 or 5 guys and there were also some people signing alone in the hallway of the 200 level. Surprisingly there were no current players there just prospects and alumni. They had like mini Sabres logos at the tables that the players were signing which I ended up giving to my brother who was on the arena floor playing hockey. The other members of the table I was at were alumni Rick Seling, Andrew Peters and Daryl Shannon along with prospects David Leggio (goalie) and the prospet I'm most exited about, tough guy Zack Kassian, who signed my puck in sliver. For those of you who don't know, Kassian can score, hit, and I'm sure fight. He's been suspended multiple times for dirty hits including in the world juniors. The other puck was meant to be for another prospect and another member of the Canadian world juniors team, Marcus Foligno. He was at a table with Rob Ray, Jay McKee, Larry Playfair and prospect Corey Troop. The line was really long so I didn't bother getting it. I did get it signed by one of my favorite Sabres of all time, Danny Gare, who was there covering the draft for the Sabres. He was in the hallway signing autographs for other fans so I jumped in there and got him to sign my puck. He didn't have a silver sharpie and neither did I so he signed in black, but I didn't turn out that bad. Other people I could have gotten were Mike Robitalle and the great Rick Jeanneret Now, about the draft. With the 16th overall pick in St. Paul, the Sabres Right Winger Joel Armia from Finland. All what I know about him is what they said on TSN. He seems like a pure goal scorer, which is exactly what the Sabres need and have been lacking. I guess I did see him play when the World juniors came to Buffalo, but I do not remember him. Are you happy Winnipeg! The name will be the Jets. If I was a Winnipeg fan, I would be pumped and If was one of the couple 100 Thrasher fans, I would want them to be called something else just to piss them off. Don't really like there logo choice though, wouldn't have gotten something that resembles so much to the NHL logo! Real touching moment with the Rangers pick though. Also, Robyn Regher. Come on man!
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