Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline 2012

Wow, crazy day. 1st off, Goose and a fourth to Nashville for a first; 1-0 BUF. I was hearing all day that Darcy wanted a first rounder for Gaustad, and I thought that was nuts. I thought the best we could get for him was third, maybe a second. But hey, give Darcy credit, he stuck to his guns and just gave up that fourth rounder for the first rounder. This definitely went to Buffalo's advantage. I'll have two first round picks for a 3rd/4th line center any day. Nashville did get a great player though. Goose is great on faceoffs and on the pk. Great physical player who can drop the gloves and score a few goals. If Nashville is looking for depth in their roster to make a playoff push, they made the right move by calling the goose. This deal didn't happen until a little after three so I figured we were done, boy was I wrong. As I'm uploading my Ryan Suter post, I see on Trade Centre: "Zack Kassian traded to Vancouver." My first thought, NOOOOO! I thought Regier considered Kass as an untouchable and that he would be with this franchise for a very long time. It wasn't until I found it who he got traded for was when I got excited. Kassian traded for CENTER Cody Hodgson, 2-0 BUF. And yes, I capitalized center because that's exactly what we need. Even before we got rid of Gaustad, we were in need of a center. We thought we could bring Villie Leino to play center, but that turned out great. As of what I've heard, Cody should be a great assist for us now and in the future and should be great on a line with Vanek and Pomer. We also got rid of Marc-Andre Gragani for Alex Sulzer which I could care less about. Great deadline for Buffalo

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