Monday, December 19, 2011

Maxime Talbot TTM

Received 12/19/11
Cool success. This is my first TTM to Talbot and my first success. I've never meet him but out of what I've seen on this and last years 24/7, he seems like a pretty cool dude. I was a little shocked when he signed with Philadelphia this summer and probably even more shocked that Pittsburgh let m walk away. I thought he was favored in that organization and that he was a guy they wouldn't let away. Talbot signed my 4x6 1/1 either through the Philadelphia Flyers or their practice facility. I've seen successes from both so which ever one you use should work.
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  1. Pittsburgh wanted to keep him, but not at that price tag, and certainly not longer than 2 seasons.

    Philly was glad to pay double his worth just so they wouldn't have to face him 6 times a year plus the playoffs.