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Monday, November 21, 2011

Robyn Regehr

Just met Robyn Regehr at Dave and Adams today and I got this 8x10 for him to sign. He might be the nicest hockey player I have ever meet. We were just talking about Buffalo and some other stuff. I asked him they best wings he's had so far and he said he hasn't had any yet and he asked me for the best place to go. (Of course I told him Elmo's Bar and Grill, My uncles bar). On autograph wise, I asked him if it was hard to get used to signing 24 instead of 28. He said it took him forever to get it down, but he eventually got used to it. All in all, Robyn Regehr is a great guy and a great hockey player and I'm glad he plays for the Sabres.
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  1. My fav all time. He's from around here and have met him a few timies. WE were chatting at an event one time and the guy in charge said ok time to move on, Robyn shook his head and kept talking. Awesome guy~ congrats!