Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jhonas Enroth

I went to a signing at Dave and Adam's Card World yesterday night to meet Sabres netminder Jhonas Enroth. I have meet him before and I have a few other things signed by him, and when Dave and Adam's announced this signing, I wasn't planning on going. But after the past couple weeks of Sabres hockey, I knew I had to get him! Jhonas came in last year when Miller was hurt and played phenomenal. This year so far Miller has been shaky and Enroth has filled him for him a lot. He is playing out of his mind and hasn't lost a game yet. The photo looks great and I was talking to him about the last game. I was at it when they played the Jets. We won 6-5 but Miller played the whole game but looked horrible. I am going to see Robyn Regehr there Monday the 21st so Ill post that one up too.
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