Monday, September 26, 2011

Eddie Shack TTM

Received 9/26/11
Eddie is most notable for playing for the leafs, but he came to Buffalo along with a bunch of leafs because of Punch Imlach late in his carrier and was apart of the greatest picture in hockey history! This is probably my favorite thing I have signed right now. Eddie took like 4 months for him to sign it but it was well worth the wait. I sent the 5x7 to his house.

BTW: How 'bout dem Bills! I was at the game and it was great to see the whole row of Pats fans in front of us shocked beyond belief! As of now we have the best team in the AFC and we will always have the best fans in the league!

Also let me know what u guys think of the new background. I'm taking any suggestions so if u want me to replace any with some other autos I have on my site I will. Whatever u think will look the best. I'm trying to only focus on pictures but I can put cards up there too. Thanks guys!
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  1. who is this guy eddie is hitching a ride with