Friday, May 13, 2011

Stanley Cup Thoughts

Even though my Sabres are out, I am still following the Stanley Cup Playoffs every night. Here are my projections of whats going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Tampa Bay vs Boston: I'm comparing this series to the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls series going on in the NBA. The Heat are like the Lightning because they are both young teams with three exciting players in the league on their team; and Boston to "da Bulls" (SNL reference) because both have an extremely great history but haven't won any championships recently. Even though I hate the Bruins (same with any other team in the North East with Montreal as an exception) I think Boston in 6. They have much more playoff experience and I think they are just way too physical for Tampa to handle.

Vancouver vs San Jose: Both teams are extremely talented but they almost blew 3-0 series leads. Have ice advantage I think will play a big part in this series so I am saying Canucks in 7. Unlike San Jose, their fan base is a lot stronger and their star players are playing great. If San Jose wants a chance to win, guys like Heatley and Thornton need to step it up. This is going to be a great series and I cant wait to see it play out!

Stanley Cup Final: Vancouver Boston will be a great Final to see so I really hope it turns out this way. I'm saying Vancouver wins Lord Stanley in 6. Don't get me wrong, Boston is a great team, but I don't think they have enough in them to win it all. I'm siding with Canada on this one boys!

Let me know what you think, comment your projections and if you get everything right, you could see a little prize coming your way!
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  1. Tampa over the NHL in 6
    Vancouver over San Jose in 5

    Tampa in 6 because the Canucks always find a way to blow it.

  2. Being a Canucks fan I`m going with my boys all the way

    Tampa in 7
    Canucks in 7

    Finals will go to Canucks in 7 as well
    Kesler will be MVP!!

    Btw thanks for the vote of confidence Captain ;)

  3. I'm saying Tampa disposes of Boston in 6. Guy Boucher is too good a tactician for the B's thugs to make it through.

    Vancouver in 5, because the Sharks will remember they're supposed to choke.

    And the Canucks will win their first Cup in 7, becausae they have more depth and one of Tampa's stars will get injured, leaving Roloson with a déjà-vu feeling.